Opening Statement

This marks the beginning of my blog defending the indefensible in the field of neuroscience, both in terms of actually scientific discourse as well as discussions about the future of our field. You can read my mission statement here. In general, I will argue against the prevailing view, not always because I don’t believe in it but in order to reveal holes in reasoning and logical fallacies inherent to these ideas. I will do this out of a general joy for disagreeing with the majority but also because I believe that to be a scientist is to be a skeptic. Therefore instead of being part of the echo chamber of public opinion and keep patting ourselves on the backs over how great our thoughts are, I believe our ideas (and ideals) need to stand up to higher scrutiny.

My first post will probably deal with the proposal to have preregistration of experimental protocols for basic research. Following that, I will scrutinize the scrutiny with which certain topics in (neuro-)science have been met, whilst others are largely ignored. Stay tuned…

This picture has nothing whatsoever to do with this blog

This picture has nothing whatsoever to do with this blog


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  1. What to say, what to say? Nearly all we read or hear about is all made up so the gen. pub. Doesn’t freak out or trip out! or both!;>)


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