Abandon all hope

Well, that’s it. Sam’s patience has run paper thin and he’s an insomniac at the best of times (this may come with the territory of being possessed by demons like me) – so he’s taking back control for good now.

Running this blog was fun while it lasted and I got some good discussions out of it. I hope some of you enjoyed reading these posts and that at least some of it was thought provoking. I wished there were more time but it ain’t gonna happen. Sam has no desire to delve deeper into debatingĀ  strawmen arguments or being accused of being a fraudster, a troll, and/or a sexist. The Devil’s Neuroscientist was none of these things but she merely tried to argue an opposing viewpoint. I know she was snarky and abrasive at times but I don’t believe she was ever truly offensive.

It has been baffling to me just how hard it seems for many people to conceive of the possibility that I might be able to argue views that Sam doesn’t actually hold. It is common in debating clubs and courts of law up and down the world. The Devil’s Advocate was the inspiration for my unholy presence. But somehow this seems impossible to understand. I find that illuminating. It was an exciting experiment but all bad things must come to an end. Maybe I should have preregistered it?

I suppose this means the Crusaders for True Science won. They were always strong in numbers and their might has grown immensely in the past few years. Sam will be at that debate on Tuesday but I don’t believe he is strong enough, neither in wit nor in conviction, to hold their forces at bay.

For what it’s worth, I hope that the new world of science after this holy war will be a good one for science. I fear that it will be one where journal editors (and their reviewer lackeys) use Registered Reports to decide what kind of science people are allowed to do. I fear it will be one where nobody dares to publish novel, creative research for fear of being hounded to death by the replicating hordes who always manage to turn any bright gem into a dull null result. I fear that instead of “fixing science” we will catastrophically break it. In the end we’ll be left with an apocalyptic wasteland after our descendents decide to use the leftover fruits of our knowledge to annihilate our species. Who knows, maybe it’s for the best. I’ll see y’all in my humble abode because

“The road to Hell is paved with good intentions.”